Region and Landmarks

The region near the village of Medovo is full of natural, cultural and historical landmarks. The village of Medovo is known for its key location. It is situated 23 km away from Burgas, 20 km. away from the international airport and only 12 km. away from the biggest seaside resorts-Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Ravda, Saint Vlas and Pomorie.
The city of Burgas is the fourth biggest city in Bulgaria. It is situated on the Black Sea Coast. There is an international airport, a passenger terminal, a railway station and two bus stations. A highway connects the city to the capital Sofia. There are good transport connections to all Bulgarian cities on the Black Sea Coast. Along with the good transport connections, sea outlet, developed industry and at the same time preserved history, nowadays Burgas is also an attractive destination for tourists. The city and the region offer diverse tourism options :marine tourism, cultural tourism with multiple museums and cultural sites, health and SPA tourism, ornithological, wine degustation tourism, etc.
During the summer season Burgas turns into a festival center. The Sand Figures Festival has been held for a few years. Sculptors from the whole world participate in the making of sand figures, for which tonnes of sand are used. The figures are related to the theme of the festival, which is different every year. Spirit of Burgas is undoubtedly the festival which has brought international fame to Burgas and Bulgaria. The festival has been held since 2008 in August and gathers world famous musicians in various styles on a number of stages.
Burgas is the cultural center of the region. Tourists are interested in the Burgas Opera, Dramatic Theatre “Adriana Budevska” and the State Puppet Theatre of Burgas. There are multiple galleries in the city. Many cultural events are also organized in the renovated Marine Casino. The Sea Park is also a suitable place for walking and relaxation. The Open Summer Theatre of the city is situated here. Diverse concerts and performances are held here.
Nessebar - included in the list of the World Heritage Sites of UNESCO. Nessebar was declared an architectural-historical reserve of national importance in 1956, in 1983 the cultural sites in the town were included in the list of The World Heritage Sites of UNESCO. Nesebar is one of the most ancient towns in Europe. It was founded more than 3200 years ago. The cultural heritage of Nesebar has been preserved in five museum exhibitions. There were about 42 churches in The Old Town of Nesebar, less than half of them have been discovered and preserved by archaeologists. Only one church is a functioning one. The other churches which have been preserved are art galleries. The isthmus connecting The Old Town of Nesebar and The New Town of Nesebar is about 400 metres long. The windmill which stands in the middle of the isthmus is not a functioning one but just a tourist attraction. At the beginning of the new part of the town is the real windmill,which has been built-in into a hotel.
Pomorie - The town was founded at the end of the 5 th century BC.It was named Anchialus.Most of the population of the town were Thracians. Some of the main sites are:
The Pomorie Lake The Pomorie Lake Visitor Centre-protected area, a natural hyper saline lagoon, covering an area of 760,8 ha and an interactive exhibition about the saline lagoon., Mud Baths-Pomorie Lake Mud treatment, The Church of Holy Transfiguration of God-XVIIIc.,The Birth of The Virgin Mary Temple-XIXc, St.George Monastery-XVIIIc,The Pomorian Beehive Tomb and Roman Mausoleum.
Aqua Park “Aqua Paradise”is situated 10 km. away from Medovo.It is the largest and most advanced and modern water park project on the Balkans. After the extension made in 2009, the total area of the park is 46 000 sq.m. The aqua park is a huge and unique amusement park, nestling gardens and restless ruffling waters. The total length of the slides is over 1500m. The numerous attractions-over 40, places for relaxation and professional animation give the final touch to the overall concept of the park, in which everyone-from the youngest to the oldest one can find their own unforgettable experience. The facilities and the platforms are designed to free your emotions, pamper your soul and senses, unleash the magic of smiles and adventures. The facilities are the most advanced ones of their kind, safe and reliable.